Scholastic Assistance Program

St. Louis Police Wives’ Association Presents

The Margaret Hacker Scholastic Assistance Program


Margaret Hacker was the wife of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Raymond Hacker, who tragically died in the line of duty on June 11, 1948. Officer Hacker was struck by two automobiles on June 5, 1948 while rerouting traffic around live wires blown down during a storm. Officer Hacker succumbed to his injuries six days later. At the time of his death, Margaret and Raymond had four small children ranging from ages 1 ½ – 12 years old. After his death, Margaret received $96 from the Police Department. To care for her children, she moved in with her parents where she remained and eventually learned how to drive and got a job. Shortly after the St. Louis Police Wives’ Association was formed, she joined and held the job of Secretary for many years and kept the organization going. Margaret was an active member of Police Wives’ until her death in 2001. Many times Margaret mentioned how she wished Police Wives’ existed when she was going through the death of her husband.
Each year, St. Louis Police Wives’ Association hosts a Trivia Night where all proceeds are distributed as scholarships for our Margaret Hacker Scholastic Assistance Program. This program was formed to assist police officers’ families with the expenses that come with education. To qualify, applicants must be a biological or adopted child of an active, retired or deceased Law Enforcement Officer and currently enrolled in a public, private or homeschool (K-12, college/trade school) or a spouse of a police officer currently enrolled in college. Applicants must also possess and represent a willingness to learn. Judging is done on an anonymous basis and will not be done according to income or grade.
St. Louis Police Wives’ Association would like to thank our generous sponsors and guests who attended our Trivia Night in April. This year we were able to award 15 scholarships to law enforcement families for a total of $10,000.00.

We would like to congratulate our 2017-2018 winners:

Riley C.
Rowan S.
Matteo H.

Sean S.
Madelyn D.V.
Lily D.V.

Morgan B.
Rachel R.

Killian B.
Liam B.

Mary B.
Holly A.
Tori D.

Trisha S.
Mary Pat B.